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St Margaret’s Almshouses

St.Margaret’s Almshouses had been burnt and left derelict since 1990.  The scheme repaired and converted the remaining shell back into social housing .

The original 1616 pattern of walls for 7 houses was re-established and re-interpreted for 4 homes.  New stairs and services are concentrated in the old chimneys positions that had been previously lost.

Brean Down Fort

Brean Down Fort was one of four Napoleonic/ Palmerston gun emplacements that protected the Severn estuary. The down itself is a SSS1 site.

The buildings became ruinous after WW2 and have been consolidated, repaired and made safe, with improved access and new interpretation panels describing the history, fauna and flora.

WCA Warehouse

This was the first concrete-framed building in Bristol (1905) and had many problems associated with that construction.  An inventive plan allowed an economic conversion into social housing, with the complex servicing integrated around the existing elements of the handsome original building.

Detailed negotiations with English Heritage and Bristol City Council ensured a positive approach to the reuse of this Grade II listed building.

The Priest’s House

Repair and conversion of Grade 1 medieval house.

Repairs were complex and extensive and included reinforcement and conservation of ancient roof structure.  A new kitchen and bathroom, as well as the introduction of new services, were designed for the building.

Glebe Court

Late eighteenth century house repaired and conserved to make a family house with new bathrooms and kitchen.

The Manor House

Repair and conversion of Grade 11 Manor House following fire damage.

The derelict Manor House was converted to create flats for the elderly using traditional construction techniques and subtle manipulation of the roof spaces.

Work was completed in two phases with direct labour and complicated funding issues.

Reed’s Court

Conversion of a wagon barn into guest accommodation.

A pattern of timber boarded walls between the original stone sides to hold a small flat above a garage and workshop.

Stogursey Castle

Repair and conversion of a ruined castle gatehouse, and Scheduled Ancient Monument, into holiday accommodation.