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Trowbridge Museum

Redevelopment of the existing museum within the Grade II listed Slater’s Mill to incorporate an additional floor for exhibits and new lift shaft. Construction of the 1990’s Shires shopping centre had concealed the historic mill structure. This project has repaired and re-exposed the structure and simplified internal layouts to provide visual clarity and a sense of the original mill. Externally a new independant lift extension provides full accessibility to all floors. This Town Council led project has support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Friends of Trowbridge Museum and several other organisations.

Kelmscott Manor

Conservation and repair of the manor and farm buildings with renewal of interpretation throughout, together with upgrade of visitor facilities.

This includes a new entrance through the South Road Barn, the expansion of the cafe and kitchen in the stable barn, new toilets, and a proposed learning building in the farmyard.

Lyme Regis Museum

Redevelopment and extension of the Lyme Regis Museum included new gallery spaces, education room, visitor toilets, improved circulation, a shop, increased storage for collections and additional office space.

The intention was to reinforce the inward looking character of the original museum building, and create a new extension that opened out to sea. A second phase is planned to reinstate the missing three storey east wing.

Rural Life Museum

The redevelopment of the rural life museum in Glastonbury includes galleries inserted into the existing farm buildings without changing the sense of the place, and new circulation and learning spaces integrated into the pattern of old buildings.

The architecture was carefully co-ordinated with the exhibition design.  Internal reorganisation was key.  The main entrance through the farmhouse was re-established.  The old courtyard was opened up and visitor access and flow improved to all levels in the building.

Torre Abbey

Redevelopment of Museum and Art Gallery for Torbay Council.

The whole site and Grade 1 listed building has been reorganised to incorporate major museum and gallery accommodation, and gardens.  It involves a new cloister walk and entrance building.

The project had Heritage Lottery and English Heritage funding and has been carried out in three phases, with a fourth anticipated.

Nothe Fort

A comprehensive repair of the coastal fort at the mouth of Weymouth harbour, and its conversion into a Museum of Coastal Defences.

Involvement started with a condition survey, conservation plan and feasibility study for the development of the fort as a museum, through to completion of the building works on site.  This included the complete reconstruction of the earth ramparts, waterproofing of the gun deck and underground magazines, a new glass lift and shop.